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Published on 29 May 2015 in Editorial
Alexis Selby (author)

Alexis Selby

Publishers Matthew Selby (L) and Jared Nager (R) and Editor Alexis Selby

Publishers Matthew Selby (L) and Jared Nager (R) and Editor Alexis Selby

For over 22 years our family has published some of the highest quality, community specific magazines in the bay area, each tailored and distributed to their own unique community. With the addition of this publication, we are so excited to announce that our family now has 7 magazines, reaching over 130,000 mailboxes in Trinity, East Lake, Odessa/ Lutz / Land O’ Lakes, Westchase, Carrollwood, New Tampa and now South Tampa! 
As publishers of the South Tampa Neighborhood News & Lifestyles, my husband Matthew Selby, who is also publisher of the New Tampa Lifestyles and Carrollwood Area Neighborhood News & Lifestyles, and his cousin Jared Nager, have partnered up to bring South Tampa this all-encompassing community magazine, unlike anything this area has had before! 
By offering unprecedented color and glossy ads and providing in-depth, personal articles about fabulous businesses and events in your own backyard, for over two decades the Neighborhood News & Lifestyles has been keeping the community informed and helping local businesses grow and expand with our “hyperlocal” publication. Both Jared and Matthew are excited for the opportunity to bring their magazine to the South Tampa market and expand the well-known Neighborhood News & Lifestyles brand originally founded by Matthew’s father Tim Selby to yet another exceptional area. 
“I am so proud of my son and my nephew for teaming up and expanding our family business,” says Tim Selby, publisher of the Trinity, East Lake, Oddessa/Lutz/Land O’ Lakes, and Westchase Neighborhood News & Lifestyles
The South Tampa Neighborhood News & Lifestyles will be blanket mailed on a monthly basis to the residences of South Tampa to zip codes 33606, 33609, 33611, 33616 and 33629, directly reaching more than 20,000 homes and businesses a month. 
We put out a quality product that your neighbors can't wait to receive and read! We are so excited to bring this magazine to your area because we know what we can do as a team to highlight the very best things that your community has to offer and help out our local businesses by getting people excited about “buying local and shopping small business”. 
Every community has it’s own story to tell, and because of this we don’t publish one giant magazine reaching all the areas of our distribution with the same content. From an advertising standpoint, the Bay area is huge and it just wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for a mom and pop sandwich shop here in South Tampa to advertise in something far outside their target area or market. It would be a complete waste of money, considering most small businesses do the vast majority of their business in a 5-mile radius of their location. While my family and I do have 6 other magazines mailed to Carrollwood, Odessa/Lutz/Land O’ Lakes, Trinity, Westchase, Eastlake and New Tampa, only a handful of businesses cross advertise into multiple zones because they serve a number of areas across the bay. 
We understand that you may already have an HOA or other type of publication that you receive in your mailbox. That’s great, and we aren’t here to replace anything you already receive. As a South Tampa resident, you simply have more options now. I trust you will understand and feel the difference between what we provide the community and what other publications distribute, but I still want to take a moment to explain in better detail what makes us who we are. 
First and foremost, you will never find any type of negative news in our magazine. Some refer to this as “hard news” and we strongly believe it has no place in a community-oriented magazine, especially when the content is close to 2 weeks old, if not older, by the time the magazine lands in your mailbox. It’s 2015 and with the internet and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter you can get all the gloom and doom your heart desires in real time, literally up to the second if you’re so inclined. Not to mention, I’m sure you, as a reader, could care less about what my opinion as an editor is on a news subject you’ve already heard about. 

On the other hand, in our magazine you will receive plenty of community- specific news and local information not only about South Tampa, but nearby areas as well. Even though South Tampa offers plenty of entertainment, there is plenty to do within driving distance and local neighboring areas. 
An aspect of our magazine that we take extra special time with is our ability to spotlight local businesses in a way that others can’t. Through the use of business features, we tell the stories of local businesses to the community in a “word of mouth fashion.” We feel that if business owners were just able to tell their stories to the entire area, they would have a lot more customers! We don’t do simple advertorials, where an advertiser can pay to write their own article about how they are the best. Instead, we send out one of our writers to do a full interview with each local business and highlight the very best that business has to offer so that you, the reader, can make an informed decision about spending money with them or not. 

What Our Advertisers Say 

Over the years we have covered several events hosted at Landon Plastic Surgery in Trinity. Cheryl Landon, of Landon Plastic Surgery and The Spa Boutique, writes, “We have been advertising in the Neighborhood News & Lifestyles in all six of their publications for as long as they have been around. The paper has been vital in helping to establish and maintain our practice’s identity in the community.” 
“I have advertised my orthodontics practice with Trinity Area Neighborhood News & Lifestyles from almost the beginning of circulation,” states Dr. Jeremy Albert of Albert Family Orthodontics. “To me, it’s not only a great paper to read to know what is going on in the community I practice in, but it’s also a great way to reach new potential patients in our community. The staff is great to work with and they help me design attractive advertising that works. It is advertising that is worth it!” 
“We have been open about five years now and we have tried every publication around and the best results by far we have gotten are with the Neighborhood News & Lifestyles,” states James Maggiolo, owner of Odessa Anytime Fitness. “We are very pleased with the Neighborhood News & Lifetsyles. Our phone calls went up 25 to 30 percent after our first article came out. We are extremely happy. They are the only publication we deal with now and the only publication we feel we need to deal with.” 
Bruce Boore of Hattie’s Café & Beanery in Lutz says, “The first month I started advertising, every person that walked through my doors mentioned my ad in the Carrollwood Neighborhood News & Lifestyles and when the article ran we had a line around the building and completely sold out of food. It was unbelievable! I immediately got on the phone with my food supplier and had to have an emergency shipment delivered. I am very, very pleased with my results.” 
Throughout our 7 magazines we have hundreds of advertisers, each marketing something different and unique, yet all with one thing in common- they have achieved success and exceptional results by using the Neighborhood News & Lifestyles
If you are looking to grow your business and want a cost-effective way to reach new customers in your local community, the Neighborhood News & Lifestyles is the way to go. When you choose Neighborhood News & Lifestyles you will receive professional service and a quality product that will get your business booming. 
Each month we will focus on several businesses that serve in your area. Additionally, our dining features will give you such delicious descriptions of some of the wonderful fare offered at area restaurants that your mouth may actually water in anticipation of the delectable dishes described. 

In our publication we will also be including a Community Calendar. We ask that you please email your upcoming events, with photos attached (if applicable) to myself, Alexis Selby, at Alexis@NNLFlorida.com. Keep in mind that we are a once-a-month publication and remember to send in your community calendar items well in advance of the actual date so that we can be sure to include them. If you know of any important community events that your neighbors would enjoy reading about please let us know. Our community calendar has proven to be an excellent way to publicize local events and we receive many kind comments and thanks from our readers who have gotten a great turnout after their free mention in the community calendar. 
We also have a section for Community News Briefs, featuring brief community-related news and events, much of which is sent in to us by our readers and advertisers. 
We like to get the community excited about shopping local, because the local economy is what makes our community thrive. Matthew says, “My family and I have a passion for small business that started back for me when I was in elementary school. Since I could remember my father took me to work with him on days school wasn’t in session. I shadowed him on appointments and got to listen to business owner’s stories first hand. Even from a very young age, their stories inspired me and I knew one day I wanted to do exactly what my dad did. In fact, when I was in elementary school I remember grabbing a stack of my dad’s business cards and penciling in my name next to his, then handing them out to classmates. Over eight years ago I started working for my dad and since then my wife and I have started our own publications in Carrollwood, and New Tampa and have now teamed up with my cousin Jared to come to South Tampa because South Tampa isn’t just a city, it’s a special community and our goal is to bring the community together and turn it into one big neighborhood. Welcome to South Tampa Neighborhood News & Lifestyles!” 

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