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Published on 30 November -1 in Business
Matt Selby (author)

Matt Selby


South Tampa’s newest clinic, A + Family Urgent Care, has opened to provide local residents high-quality, on-demand treatment for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. From runny noses to broken bones, A + family Urgent Care has you and your family covered! 


If you ever visited an urgent care clinic, you know they are able to meet many family medical needs more efficiently than a primary care office or an Emergency Room in terms of both money and time. If you or someone in your family needs medical care, and you need it right now, A+ Family Urgent Care on 3345 S Dale Mabry has become one of the most trusted and well received Urgent Care facilities in the area!

A + Family Urgent Care strives to support and collaborate with primary care doctors in our area. In today’s fast paced world, we want to be treated, now. Sadly, thanks to a strained healthcare system and a shortage of primary care doctors in our area, some doctors will always be over-scheduled or unable to take new patients. The demand for their care is a good thing - it’s a testament to their ability! But let’s be honest, can you afford to wait days, months or weeks to get an appointment with your primary physician when you feel terrible?

We can all agree that waiting weeks for an appointment, only to wait again in a crowded doctor’s office for 10 minutes of his or her time, can be a frustrating and painful way to interrupt your daily schedule. While it may be important to see your doctor, long wait times and delays can lead to frustration and a sense of helplessness, as well as a loss of productivity in your work schedule or cancellation of planned activities.

When your schedule is tight or your primary care provider is simply too booked up, visiting an urgent care may be an ideal option. Although A+ Family Urgent Care won’t replace the relationship you have with your family primary care provider, having an on demand” healthcare option seven days a week can help you and your doctor keep your family healthy. The first time most new patients visit A+ is for an immediate need, but most patients return to A+ for the convenience and family-oriented treatment they receive.

We fill the gap in between your regular doctor and the emergency room. If you can’t get into see your primary care physician in a timely manner but aren’t suffering life threatening injuries or illness, we’re a good option because we’re here seven days a week to take care of our neighbors,” says Jamie Lowrance, Director of Clinic Operations. Jamie truly means it when he says the word neighbors;” he and his wife Kim are long-time members of the South Tampa community and are active in several local charitable and social organizations.  Treating you like family is what the staff of A+ Family Urgent Care is clearly all about. Their focus is on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. They take the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and help you make the right health care decisions. They understand that when you walk through their doors, you’re probably not in the best of spirits. Let’s face it; most people come through the doors feeling terrible. Rest assured that the A+ Family Urgent Care staff is ready to greet you with a smile and make you feel as comfortable as possible, the moment you walk in.

Jamie explains, We believe that healthcare is about patients and their families, not insurance and red tape. Even though Urgent” is in our name, we take the time with each patient and make sure they are provided with the absolute best care and treatment possible. When they leave here, we want them to be on the road to recovery and hopefully, a little happier than when they came in.”

We all know there’s a strong need for excellent healthcare these days. Not only are people expecting the best care and treatment, but also the shortest waiting times around their busy schedules. At A+ Family Urgent Care, you will find the best of both worlds. This is a place where patients will feel comfortable and can get the advanced treatment and quality of care they seek without those long waits.

If you carry insurance, visiting an Urgent Care is no different than seeing your primary physician. It’s as simple as walking in at your convenience, paying your co-pay and receiving the care you need. A + Family Urgent care accepts all insurance, but also offers some of the lowest self-pay” rates in Tampa for the large numbers of families who cannot afford today’s costly insurance premiums, or are without insurance for any reason. 

The staff at A+ Family Urgent Care is highly trained, so rest assured that you and your family will be in the very best hands. The Healthcare providers at A+ cater to all walks of life; from a coughing 6-month-old baby whose pediatrician is booked up, to teenagers with sports injuries, to baby boomers and their parents.

An urgent care clinic is designed to treat a wide range of conditions for most of the population and therefore can handle almost any non-life threatening need, but if you need to visit an emergency room, their staff will send you there immediately.  In addition to conditions ranging from runny noses to broken bones, A+ will also see you for physicals, auto accidents and workers related accidents. With convenient hours of operation (10AM-10PM) there’s room in just about anyone’s busy schedule to receive quality healthcare on your own terms.

So, the next time you’re in need of an urgent care, consider this... why settle for an average healthcare experience, when you can get an A+?

A+ Family Urgent Care is right here in South Tampa and is looking forward to serving you. I can honestly say that I already feel a part of the A+ family after meeting Jamie and his staff, and I am confident they will make you feel the same!


Always looking for ways to provide the community with extra value, A + Urgent Care has partnered up with Doctors Diet Program of South Florida  to help the community with a safe, sustainable medical weight loss program, that is affordable for almost everyone. Please call 813-839-3438 for more information.  Keep an eye out for a feature article in the new year all about the exciting services they are rolling out for 2018!




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