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Published on 2 October 2017 in Business
Michelle Naktin (author)

Michelle Naktin


It was a day of frustration for a gentleman celebrating his 90th birthday. He was in the kitchen of his home, straining to reach the cabinet where his glasses were. His fingers have become almost useless, and his right arm hung from a tear in his rotator cuff. Just brushing his hair that morning was a struggle. “It makes me mad,” he said, “what my life had turned into.” The unfortunate effects of aging have taken a toll.  Looking at it from a different perspective, this was just another day in the long and happy life he’s lived “I’ve had a good life,” he said quietly as he began reminiscing and reflecting back upon his life, remembering his younger years, his successes and the high points of his life, which became more vivid to him than his recent past. “Things have just become hard, he added. This story is as heartbreaking as it is true for many seniors today.

The reality is many 0f us will experience at least a temporary disability during our lifetime. Whether is in the form of a pre-existing condition, a lifelong issue, a sudden injury or the gradual effects of aging, restricted mobility strongly impacts many aspects of our everyday life, especially our independence.

Physical impairment and age should not force individuals from their homes – Home Mobility Solution’s main goal is to help people to stay at home and age in place, retaining or regaining the freedom and self-sufficiency they have lost.

Whether you are looking for help for yourself or for a loved one or friend, Home Mobility Solutions is happy to help!

Home Mobility Solutions offers a wide range of products and a large variety of home modification services in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Orange and Sarasota Counties. This allows them to craft a customized solution, tailor-made for your home and your specific needs. Some of their home modification service offerings include; Comprehensive Functional Home Assessment, Transition from Hospital to Home Assessment, Specialty Home Products, Fall Prevention Assessment, Assistive Technology Assessment and New Home Consultation.

In addition, Home Mobility Solutions also offers a physical therapy fall prevention program using the Otago exercise program. The Otago exercise program is a set of leg muscle strengthening and balance retraining exercises designed specifically to prevent falls. It is individually prescribed and delivered right at your home by trained instructors. It includes a minimum os seven home visits as well as monthly phone calls when there is not a home visit over the course of a year.

Meet The Home Mobility Solutions Team of Experts

Meet Michael Tuccio DPT and Phillipe Tavernier RPT. Michael Tuccio graduated with his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Upstate Medical University. He is highly educated and experienced in the movement and function of the human body.  Whether his patient's problem is a result of aninjury or disease, Mr. Tuccio specializes in returning his patients to maximal function. He has worked diligently with individuals that have experienced loss of mobility and developed wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. After recognizing the restrictions disabilities pose in every day home life he wanted to make a difference. Michael decided to get his Executive Certificate in Home Modifications from the University of Southern California.

Philipe Tavernier is a Graduate of Catholic University Of Leuven, Belgium and also has his Executive Certificate in Home Modifications from the University of Southern California. He has been working alongside Michael for several years also specializing in Physical Therapy in both outpatient and home care settings. The frustrations are real for those young and old who are experiencing disabilities and restrictions in their every day. Unfortunately those frustrations can become overwhelming for all loved ones involved. After seeing these issues time and time again, Mike and Philipe knew it was time to do something. They put their heads together and created Home Mobility Solutions.

When patients experience new limitations they need help maintaining a safe home environment to preserve their comfort and independence. Patients often have little time to decide how to address the limitations of newly-acquired disabilities. Some may choose to use contractors through The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA ensures access to the built environment for people with restrictions and establishes design requirements for the construction and alteration of facilities subject to the law.

Sounds great right? Well what happens down the road? With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Home Mobility Solutions can foresee the progressions of diseases and injuries that others may be unaware of. They can properly provide patients with recommendations for in home modification minimizing any future alterations.

Home Mobility Solutions will meet with you and after a careful assessment recommend a great design that is in your best interest, reduce the amount of care required by caregivers, and maintain the independence you or your loved one desires. Although these changes are often made at the expense of the resident, the financial investment you’ll be making with Home Mobility Solutions will be offset by your savings in the future, and the peace of mind knowing prospective problems were avoided or minimized and the modifications were done correctly."

Do you have difficulty living in your home because of your disability?

Do you have a family member with a disability living with you?

Do you anticipate difficulties in your home as you get older?

Do you want to build a house in which you can live in successfully as you profess into your elder years of life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, if you have sustained a life changing injury, or if you will be moving in or building a new home, use Home Mobility’s knowledge and experience to make your home work for you! Let them lock in peace and independence for yourself or those dear to your heart.

For more information, contact Philippe at 813-358-2520 or Mike at 8130358-6985. Log on to www.homemobilitysolutions.net for more information.

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