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It was a day of frustration for a gentleman celebrating his 90th birthday. He was in the kitchen of his home, straining to reach the cabinet where his glasses were. His fingers have become almost useless, and his right arm hung from a tear in his rotator cuff. Just brushing his hair that morning was a struggle. “It makes me mad,” he said, “what my life had turned into.” The unfortunate effects of aging have taken a toll.  Looking at it from a different perspective, this was just another day in the long and happy life he’s lived “I’ve had a good life,” he said quietly as he began reminiscing and reflecting back upon his life, remembering his younger years, his successes and the high points of his life, which became more vivid to him than his recent past. “Things have just become hard, he added. This story is as heartbreaking as it is true for many seniors today.

Old McMicky's Farm - Teachers Rock - $20k Teacher Appreciation Dream Wedding Giveaway

“Teachers ROCK” is a $20,000 Dream Wedding Gift of Appreciation for All Schools and Teachers in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.

This Dream Wedding Gift is open to all public and private school teachers in all grades Pre-K through 12thgrade.

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Reflections on a Wesley Chapel Rotary team trip to Honduras

Hiking through the mountain hills on a very small path. Drips of sweat draining down my face. Stopping to catch my breath….. Entering through a small door into a mud hut… mud floors. Why am I coming up on my 8th trip to Honduras?

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Fall means King Mackerel

September is still a very hot month in our area of Florida but with that being said, the water temperatures start to come down slightly and that means King Mackerel will be flooding our waters anytime. By the end of the month, the King and Spanish Mackerel, will show up in large numbers as they make their migration through our area well into November. Fall is my favorite time of year to troll the reefs and hardbottom off Clearwater, and the King Mackerel is exactly why.

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Wild Birds Unlimited Invites You To Discover The Wonderful Joy and Health Benefits of Birding

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by the enchanting song of a bird from outside your window?  Couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful colors of a Blue Jay? With hundreds of bird species native to the state, Florida is a bird lover's paradise, even if you live in a heavily urbanized area.

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Remaining fall exam schedule: SAT: Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2; PSAT primary date Oct 11; ACT: Oct 28, Dec 9.

     Now that school has started and most schedules have settled down, we can all take a long, relaxing breath and think about fall planning.

  Seniors and their parents are thinking about applying to colleges, the SAT and/or the ACT Exam, FASFA forms, and Bright Futures and other scholarships … on top of all the academics and activities that constantly demand attention.

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