Aesthetic Fairy Godmother Spreads Her Wings to South Tampa

Published on 30 November -1 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley


The aesthetic godmother of Westchase has moved, but fear not, nurse practitioner and resident skincare magician Jenny Molloy is still wielding her wand and making youthful dreams come true at her own brand-new location recently opened August 2017 in South Tampa.

With bright white walls, beautiful chandeliers, Celtic tunes softly playing in the background, positive sayings mixed in on shelves with photos of before and after, and products clients can purchase after their beauty treatments, 3 Wishes Aesthetics feels whimsical and welcoming.

And that’s exactly what Molloy intended.

After years sharing space and having a single room in her Westchase location, 3 Wishes Aesthetics at 3415 South Manhattan Avenue is Molloy’s vision alone.

“Someone said it’s like stepping into my living room,” she said.

Her excitement is palatable as she gives a tour of her recent build out, showing her room and describing the back two offices as future rental space for an aesthetician, wax, eyebrow or lash technician.

To truly separate her from the competition, she even has space for pop-up businesses and seminars.  “I have tables and a presentation area, so I can easily seat 12 to 15 for a workshop or a seminar.  So far I’ve had two pop-ups and a seminar. 

Jenny’s artistry tenants of her aesthetics practice remain the same - – look well, feel well, live well.

In her new home, like her old, she makes people feel and look beautiful through facial rejuvenation.

She created the proprietary Happier Smile Lift that literally helps turn the frowning corners of the mouth back up to make the patient look happier. (During the month of November, Jenny is offering the Happier Smile Lift that includes complimentary Botox.)

Using the tiniest gauge needle in lieu of a magic wand, her goal to help reverse the aging process. She uses Botox to relax frown lines, forehead lines, and crows’ feet. Last year, an estimated 8 million people worldwide use Botox injections in their frown lines as a temporary solution to ward off aging. 

“The lines between the eyes is a focal point. When our eyes are open, we look healthier and feel better about ourselves. Using Botox around the eyes, opens up the eyes and relaxes the features.  Botox between the brows opens the eyes and is a home-run,” she explained. “Going to someone who knows how to inject Botox is important and I’ve been injecting since 2004. As a trainer, I pay close attention to everyone’s personal wants, their personal anatomy and tailor the treatment accordingly.”

Molloy’s Dermal Fillers lift and plump sagging skin. A very popular request is Juvederm Volbella, a natural looking lip plumper.  “It’s the perfect pout,” she said.

Her Microneedling Skin Pen treatment helps to refresh, restore and get skin glowing.

Every six to eight weeks, skin cells replace themselves and each time they do, they age a little more. On top of natural aging, there is the sun and environmental exposure that causes further aging. Micro-needling makes miniscule micro-channels in the skin that reprogram the cells to act and look younger. The new cells that come in are actually better and healthier. 

In addition to Botox, dermal fillers and micro-needling, Jenny offers Microcurrent treatment that reduces under eye puffiness, sagging jowls, double chins and droopy eyebrows that is completely non-invasive. 
She also provides an array of skin treatments including exfoliating chemical peels to tighten, brighten, and freshen up dull-looking skin and hydrating, anti-aging facials.

“As you get older the skins cells designed to slough off don’t and it makes us look dull. Our fine lines and wrinkles show and our makeup sits in it,” she said. “The exfoliating treatment I use is based on the patient’s own skin and skin type. The treatment melts away dead skin cells them off so you look fresh and bright, your skin will be tighter, pores will be smaller, and fine lines and wrinkles will be minimized.”

Molloy is seeing clients in the 21-35 age range seeking pre-juvenation – preventing wrinkles and skin damage from sun exposure.  Molloy steers her younger clients towards sun protection and exfoliation and a bit of Botox as needed.  “Lip enhancement is popular with this age group.“ I’m happy they come to me as I care for them and will take care of them.” 

Molloy says that professional skincare is a must for everyone.

“Taking proper care of skin will keep it looking and functioning it’s best and therefore helping to slow typical signs of aging.”

For more information or to make an appointment, call 813.374-8659 or visit 3wishesaesthetics.comMolloy will be having regular lunch and learns in the coming months and will post upcoming events on her website.  3 Wishes Aesthetics is located at 3415 S. Manhattan Ave. Tampa, Florida 33629.


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