Dr. Christine Grant - A Smile Speaks a Million Languages

Published on 13 April 2018 in Business
Carla Selby (author)

Carla Selby

Dr. Christine Grant

Dr. Christine Grant

There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all. Let Dr. Grant help you create a beautiful and natural smile that will speak for itself by uniting her dental craft with her love for the art and science of dentistry. Dentistry has evolved over a period of many centuries, evolving from a trade to a recognized profession that has increased the quality of life for many people. Only a true professional like Dr. Grant can perform masterful dentistry with such effortless grace. This natural elegance comes through her sheer passion and drive for helping her patients attain a beautiful and healthy smile and thereby radiating confidence.


Christine Grant, DMD, PA opened her dental practice in 1999, and has been at the same location, 1407 W. Swann Avenue ever since. Located in the center of HydePark’s upscale shops and restaurants, many of her patients are within walking distance. A native Floridian, Dr. Grant grew up in Sarasota, where she showed an early interest in the arts and sciences, studying classical piano and taking art classes at the Ringling Museum of Art. After completing a Bachelor’s in Biology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Grant went on to earn her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Florida. Furthering her education, she obtained her Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic General Dentistry from Baylor College of Dentistry in Texas. Dr. Grant’s love for the arts and sciences continues today in her dental practice. She applies her knowledge and skills to the daily dental treatment of her patients. 


The art and science of dentistry involves replacing natural tooth structure--enamel and dentin, with crowns fabricated from man-made materials with machine-generated cores in combination with the artistry and scientific knowledge of Dr. Christine Grant. Dr. Grant utilizes the latest technological advancements with her lab ceramist in designing the ideal crowns for her patients. In particular, the CAD-CAM machine uses 3D photography (computer-aided design) and milling machine (computer-aided manufacturing) to fabricate biocompatible, metal-free crowns that possess an accurate fit. Patients are happy with the superiority of Dr.Grant’s crowns uniting strength and natural beauty.


Dr. Grant utilizes state-of-the-art esthetic materials in the fabrication of her crowns including Zirconia (ceramic) crowns and E-max (glass-ceramic) crowns. Zirconia crowns are known for their strength and beauty, which makes them able to withstand chipping and fractures. This is the ideal restoration for patients who have a history of fractured teeth, fractured fillings/crowns or grinding habits. These patients require a crown that is stronger and will resist day-to-day grinding habits. Traditional crowns on these patients would break and not last as long as Zirconia crowns. For patients with complex aesthetic demands, E.Max crowns are the ideal choice. These crowns display a high degree of translucency and natural, tooth-like aesthetics. These crowns are for patients that have a normal bite and desire strength but emphasize more natural beauty. Dr. Grant has embraced this new and exciting age of revolutionary materials in the fabrication of her crowns, implant crowns, veneers and bridges.


“During my exam, Dr. Grant pointed out my need for a crown but could see I was reluctant. Dr. Grant and her assistant Margo sat down with me explaining all the details, including showing me numerous pictures of other crowns she had performed. They all looked great so I decided to have the crown done and I am extremely happy with the results,” says Ilona. “Dr. Grant was a fresh and wonderful experience for me because of several bad experiences with other dentists in the past. Dr. Grant and all of the office staff are friendly and polite. I will definitely return to this office for all my dental needs.” 


For patients that can’t save their teeth, there is an excellent and innovative alternative. Dental Implants are the ideal modality of treatment for missing teeth. Not only does Dr. Grant use advanced technology in the fabrication of her crowns but, also in the diagnosis and placement of Dental Implants. Sometimes teeth are lost due to severe infection or fractured roots. In collaboration with her specialists, Dr. Grant incorporates the advanced CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) 3D imaging system. It allows us to see parts of the mouth traditional x-rays don’t. It helps in the diagnosis of teeth that can’t be saved and the precise placement of Implants. Dr. Grant utilizes this advanced technology to diagnose dental problems early on and offer her patients unique treatment options to avoid the progression of dental disease. In the past, we had to wait until the patient presented with symptoms of pain and discomfort before discovering a fractured tooth. Now with the advent of the CBCT machine, we can identify fractured roots much earlier and offer treatment much quicker.


“Dr. Grant took a lot of care to take me through a variety of options in fixing a dark tooth in the front of my mouth. She and her assistant Margo took me through all the possibilities and found the best thing I could do for my age and budget and we made a great plan going forward,” says Katie. “She explained all the treatments (which can be daunting) in a way that made it seem easy and

less scary. She gave me all the details to make an informed decision while still letting me feel very relaxed. Her technology is the most up-to-date and her staff cannot be beat! The best hygienist I’ve ever had is Sandy and her front office staff Barbara and Kaye are a pleasure to work with.”


Dr. Grant attends a lot of continuing education classes to study what’s new and changing in dentistry. A new hot topic is “Biometric Dentistry”. The new age of biometric (life-like) dental materials are being engineered to emulate the optical, mechanical and biological characteristics of natural teeth. Dr. Grant states: “The majority of crowns look artificial and fake. Patients coming to me for the first time complain their current crowns show a visible metal margin or black line along the gumline. They complain the color of their crowns look uniform and not natural. My goal is to replicate the aesthetics and function of my patient’s naturally occurring tooth structure. This involves studying the optical properties of tooth enamel and dentin and how they pertain to the study of light (electromagnetic radiation) and their interaction with various dental materials”. The goal is to fabricate crowns that emulate her patient’s natural teeth. Dr. Grant studies and incorporates the following optical properties in the design work of her crowns; (1) Hue- color (2) Value- brightness level (3) Chroma- intensity of the color (4) Translucency- amount of light that transmits through a materials (5) Opacity- lack of light transmitting through materials. For example, when evaluating optical properties between a Zirconia crown versus an E-max crown; Zirconia crowns are more opaque (less transparent) and E-Max crowns are more translucent (more see through). Dr. Grant adds: “ I gain my greatest satisfaction and pleasure from knowing I’ve done a superb job when a patient asks me to show them which tooth in their mouth has the crown on it. I always get a kick out of that.”


Dr. Grant - A True Master Artist of Dentistry


Dr. Grant draws her inspiration and creativity from studying art. Most recently, Dr. Grant and her mother traveled to Europe and visited several countries, including; Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Some of the artists she most enjoyed were Marc Chagall (Painter) and Alberto Giacometti (Sculptor.) Dr. Grant not only viewed many paintings from Chagall in the Zurich Art Museum but, was fortunate enough to see his stained-glass windows in a local church (Fraumunster.) Chagall is known for his use of light and color in his artwork. Dr. Grant was also able to view some of Giacometti’s renowned 20th century sculptures. He is associated with Modernism and philosophical questions about the human condition. Like these famous artists, Dr. Grant incorporates light and color in the design of her patient’s teeth. Sculpture plays a fundamental role in the anatomy of a tooth and its relationship to other teeth and facial features. Dr. Grant seeks to blend the symmetry of your facial features to create your ideal smile. With a grand smile, Dr. Grant says, “Like art, there is a harmonious relationship between your facial features and your individual teeth in the composition of a smile and that’s why a smile speaks a million languages!”


Dr. Grant also visited the Straumann Implant Center, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Grant is very fond of Straumann Implants and Crowns due to their Swiss Precision manufacturing and accuracy of fit. Dr. Grant prides herself on using only those products that are known for excellence, innovation and quality. “My happiest patients are those that have replaced missing teeth with Implants and Crowns”. Patients benefit both from the science and technology of Implants (placed below the gums) added with the art and optical properties of crowns (placed above the gums). “My patients are amazed that their Implants and Crowns feel and look like their original teeth and as a result I can see transformations in their personal lives. Patients that were once shy and reserved have grown more outgoing and confident.”


While in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Grant visited the Art Museum Basel. They host the world’s largest contemporary art fair; “Art Basel,” which is celebrated annually in 3 countries: Basel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China and Miami, USA. Many art enthusiasts from the Tampa Bay area attend the Miami art show every December, including Dr. Grant. This art show highlights masters of modern contemporary art. Dr. Grant viewed many works of art from famous artists such as; Picasso, Dali, Rembrandt and Rodin. It is from these famous works of art Dr. Grant derives her passion and inspiration to scientifically and artistically custom design her patient’s individual Dental Masterpieces.


Call Dr. Christine Grant today “To Design a Smile Worth Framing!” She will artistically paint and scientifically sculpt your teeth to a perfect

masterpiece. The Hyde Park Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is located at 1407 West Swann Ave, Tampa, Florida 33606. They accept all major

insurances. Office hours are Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.

The phone  number is (813) 251-1548. Visit their website at www.ChristineGrantDMD.com

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