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Published on 16 January 2018 in Business
Michelle Naktin (author)

Michelle Naktin

Denise Magee

Denise Magee

Running a business is no easy task. By doing so, you demonstrate you not only have incredible talent, expertise, and determination, but you also have a keen business sense. However, this does not necessarily mean you have a broad accounting background. It may be time to consider bringing in someone to help keep your company on track. Not only will this save you and your company time and money, it will allow you to focus on the more important aspects of the day, your business.

At just 24 years old Denise Magee found herself working for a large healthcare company doing the usual 9-5. While many 24 year olds were simply working for the weekend, Denise was working towards her future. She became familiar with a program she used regularly and in no time was extremely proficient. Co-workers came to Denise for pointers on how to use QuickBooks more efficiently then one day an opportunity presented itself. Denise knew QuickBooks so well and with her experience she decided to start her own company. In 1995 Quality Consulting Group was born and today, Denise Magee and her team of experts are proud to be building relationships for over 21years. 

As a small business owner herself, Denise knows all too well that when you start a company there are many responsibilities you need to carry out to achieve success. She’s organized a team that knows and understands the processes and can execute them efficiently. Quality Consulting Group’s foundation is built on their long-term partnerships and exceptional service while helping create value at each stage of their client’s business. Ms. Magee and her colleges provide an elevated level of insight to a diverse range of companies and industries. The constant commitment of her complete team, together with their depth of experience and capabilities, result in advancing far beyond the ordinary. So to answer the question I’m sure you’re asking yourself, how can Quality Consulting Group be a benefit to your company?  

Quality Consulting can offer onsite or remote consulting, QuickBooks cleanup, ongoing tech support as well as marketing advice driving business right to your door.

Quality Consulting’s team has special expertise in DCAA Compliance, Not-For-Profit, Construction, General Services, Restaurant, Property Management, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, and Hospitality accounting. Quality Consulting’s well versed consultants can adapt to your needs efficiently and effectively.

As a business owner, no doubt one of the things you like best is the control. You can set hours and craft your business strategy however small business accounting can quickly become complex.  Are you losing control of your bookkeeping? Is your company growing so fast that the paperwork seems impossible? Not only will Quality Consulting’s team teach you QuickBooks, they’ll do the work so you can do what you do best, run and grow your business! 

Quality Consulting Group will provide affordable bookkeeping for all businesses, monthly reconciling, quarterly tax review and financials as well as a detailed review of your bookkeepers work.

It is important to acknowledge that even if your business has great bookkeeping you might still require outside assistance. What happens when your QuickBooks file starts running slow or is getting too big? “The worst thing you can do is run a condense” says Ms. Magee. “It will often increase your file size, cause corruptions, and only journalize old data.”  Quality Consulting Group offers a QuickBooks File Shrinking service that can be done over a weekend and is the best way to keep clients in the trusted QuickBooks brand. For those utilizing QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, or Premier, have you considered upgrading? Upgrading to Enterprise Solutions is an easy option if you find a need for Sales Orders to manage inventory, advanced reporting, advanced security as well as several other enhanced options.

File downgrades is something that’s become more popular for those clients no longer needing the advancements or preferring the simpler platform. Some clients have also decided to convert from legacy accounting systems which can be quite a difficult process. Denise and her team have been performing these conversions for several years and has a 100% success rate.

Quality Consulting Group has also had great success with their Remote Hosting side. Utilizing a Citrix like software and safe on Quality Consulting’s servers, accessing your file looks as if you were running the application directly from your computer and supported by multiple levels of backup. What are some benefits of hosting files outside the office? Proper disaster recovery is important but the cost of network systems and ongoing IT can be high. What Quality Consulting can offer you is secure facility monitoring, 99.9% uptime and access anywhere, anytime.

Outside of the office Denise Magee enjoyed spending time as an Adjunct College Instructor for Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College Corporate Training Center. She educated her attendees on QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Windows and Internet Fundamentals, and Basic Computer Operations. Her training has allowed her to pass on her expertise to not only her students but her staff as well. In 2005, Ms. Magee was selected as one of the top 73 Intuit Consultants to be a charter member of the Enterprise Solutions Provider Program. She has also completed her Advanced Certification, is a QuickBooks Community Expert, and an Intuit Speaker Bureau Member. Denise Magee is honored to be the Founder and President of the largest private QuickBooks only bookkeeping, consulting, and training center in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. . More than 4.5 million companies use QuickBooks, making it by far the most widely used accounting system in the world. Unfortunately, many consultants frequently overlook or underutilize the product’s strongest features. That’s why when delegating your company’s affairs, make sure you are trusting someone with adequate experience and knowledge.

If you involve Quality Consulting Group in your business plan they will help you understand the financial side of your business. Creating a plan that's realistic, professional and more likely to succeed. The difference between Quality Consulting Group and the other companies is clear. Call to make an appointment and let the right experts save you time and money!


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